Here's the Full 2022 Event Lineup for DCers

DC events are full of masterminds, topic-based meetups, talks, workshops, and great conversations.

What Are Dynamite Circle Events?

For over a decade, members of the DC have met and gone on adventures in over 100 cities all around the globe.  From monthly, casual meetups organized by members to large events with nearly 300 entrepreneurs, the Dynamite Circle is one of the best ways to meet location independent entrepreneurs who know how to have fun while building badass businesses.

The DC team itself organizes two main events each year along with several smaller, intimate events throughout the year. The smaller events (dubbed DCx) take place in different cities all over the world, from Playa Del Carmen and Barcelona to London and New York City. 

Members also host local meetups every month in their area.

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The DC is a Paid, Private Community

Being a paid and private community allows us to do things other communities aren’t able to do. We have a full-time team that works every day on delivering value to our members. Throwing live events, putting members together in mastermind groups to help each other grow their businesses… DCers find that the ROI on their membership is measurable and invaluable.

Ready to Join the Dynamite Circle?

We require payment upfront to apply for membership. You’ll be redirected immediately to the DC membership form after you setup your subscription. We’ll immediately provide a full refund if we decline your application. 

We offer two payment plans: $197/quarter or $499/year (you get 4+ months free with the annual option).